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Services for Students

Dean of Students

The AAC Dean of Students is responsible for the students’ welfare. The dean’s role is to provide assistance in all areas related to students during the course of their studies, particularly regarding non-academic issues, providing students with a supportive and positive learning environment.

Services available to students


Scholarships – a range of financially supporting stipends are available from the Academy’s fund and other external funds (such as Mifal Hapayis, Impact, Heseg, Ministry of Education, and more).

Social Activism

Social Activism – the Unit for Social Activism operates programs of personal and social value, integrating students in social activism and providing scholarships.


Dormitories – the college offers dorms both on campus and nearby. These residential units are spacious, built to high standards, and comprise a bedroom, living area, kitchenette, shower and toilet, and air conditioning.

Study assistance

Study assistance – the college offers extra lessons, and individual and group coaching, at token prices for students having trouble with specific subjects.

Assistance for pregnant students

Assistance for pregnant students – as well as post birth, adoption or fostering.

Assistance for students on reserve duty

Assistance for students on reserve duty – for assistance with rights please contact the coordinator in the Dean’s office.

Dean of Students: Mr. Yoel Yeshurun

Dean’s Secretary: Ms Hedva Revivo

Tel: 08-6789195
Fax: 08-6789197

E-mail: hedva@aac.ac.il

Campus location: Building 4, Level -1

Support Center for Special Needs Students

Ashkelon Academic College’s Support Center for Special Needs Students was established to assist students with diverse needs: learning disabilities, hearing / sight impairments and more. Our goal is to provide you with maximum accessibility to higher education and support that will help you successfully earn your degree.

Services offered by the center include: personal mentoring, workshops, personalized assistance in developing learning and time management strategies, technological help, emotional support, and cooperation with the southern region’s Employers Support Center. press to read the accessibility statement 

Director: Dr. Miri Karissi

E-mail: mirki@aac.ac.il

Secretary: Ms Nurit Snir

Tel: 08-6789211

E-mail: nuritsn@aac.ac.il

Campus location: Building 4, Level -1

(Opposite the “Jerusalem Hall”)

The Center for Employment Orientation and Liaison with Industry

The top priority for Ashkelon Academic College’s Center for Employment Orientation and Liaison with Industry is to orient students and graduates towards employment opportunities. The center invests in developing and maintaining liaison with diverse employers.

“Spotlight” days are one of the center’s activities, designed to expose students and graduates to diverse employers in the Israeli job market, including the Security Service (‘Shabak’), Israel Police Force, Jewish Agency, and more. An annual employment fair brings dozens of Israeli employers to our students and graduates, among them Elta Security Systems, The Jewish Agency, hi-tech companies, banks, private businesses, government organizations, and more.

As part of AAC’s policy directed at helping students and graduates find employment, the fair has become an ongoing tradition.

Head of the Center for Employment Orientation and Liaison with Industry: Mr. Tzion Zozat

Tel: 08-6789506

E-mail: tzion@aac.ac.il

Campus location: Building 4, Room 114

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