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Field of expertise:
• Islamic, Middle East and Israel Studies
• Conflicts and conflict resolution in shared holy places
• minority-majority relations in Israel
• Jerusalem past and present

Academic position:

Chair, Israel Studies, ACC- Ashkelon Academic College

Research in progress
1. History of Majdal Ashkelon (With Avi Sasson, not yet funded)
2. Layers of Ashkelon: The Southern Gate of the Holy Land (ASKGATE project with DIDA UNIFI and colleagues from AAC, Submitted for funding)
3. Communal Administrations and Local Leadership in Jerusalem’s Arab Neighborhoods

Major publications:

1 Reiter, Y. & Dimant, D. (2020). Islam, Jews and the Temple Mount
The Rock of Our/Their Existence (London and New York: Routledge).

2 Reiter, Y. (2017). Contested Holy Places in Israel-Palestine: Sharing and Conflict Resolution (London and New York: Routledge).

3. Reiter, Y. (2017). The Eroding Status Quo: Power Struggles on the Temple Mount (Jerusalem: The Jerusalem Institute for Policy Research. 183pp.

4. Reiter, Y., (2014) Contesting Symbolic Landscape in Jerusalem: Jewish/Islamic Conflict over Museum of Tolerance at Mamilla Cemetery. Brighton, Chicago , Toronto: Sussex Academic Press and The Jerusalem Institute for Israel Studies, 2014. 189pp.

5. Reiter, Y. (2011). War, Peace and International Relations in Islam: Muslim Scholars on Peace Accords with Israel (Brighton, Portland and Toronto: Sussex Academic Press). 236pp. [Published also in Hebrew and Arabic]

6. Reiter Y., (2009). “Judge Reform: Facilitating Divorce by Shari`a Courts in Israel”, Journal of Islamic Law and Culture, 11:1 (March) 13-38.

7. Reiter, Y. (2009) National Minority, Regional Majority: Palestinian Arabs versus Jews in Israel (Syracuse University Press) 403pp.

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10. Reiter, Y. (1996). Islamic Endowments in Jerusalem under British Mandate. London and Portland OR: Frank Cass. 251pp.

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