Phone: +972-505897019

Office: +972-50-5897019

Academic position:

PhD, Senior lecturer

Field of expertise:

Psychotherapy integration

Psychotherapy with groups

Qualitative research methods

Correction services and treatment

Studies in progress:

1. Rabinovich M. (in preparation). Working with Welfare Clients: From external to internal locus of control.
2. Psychotherapy integration – EMDR
3. Psychotherapy integration – Trichotillomania

Major Publications:

1.Rabinovich, M. (resubmitted version is under review). Elephant in the Room: Relationships between Categories Methodology for Case Study Metasynthesis. Journal of American Psychoanalytic Association. (Q1)

2. Rabinovich, M. (in correction). Relationships between Categories Methodology for Case Study Metasynthesis. Psychotherapy Research. (Q1)
3.Rabinovich, M. (2016). Psychodynamic Emotional Regulation in view of Wolpe's Desensitization Model. American Journal of Psychology. 129, 65-79. (Q2) [cited by 9]

4.Rabinovich, M., & Kacen, L. (2013). Qualitative coding methodology for interpersonal study. Psychoanalytic Psychology, 30, 210-231.‏ (Q1)[1] [cited by 38]

5.Rabinovich, M. & Kacen, L. (2012). Transference phenomenon in view of the classical condition model. American Journal of Psychology. 125, 209-23. (Q2) [cited by 4]

6. Rabinovich, M. & Kacen, L. (2011). Wish and Overgeneralization Model for Psychotherapy Integration. Journal of psychotherapy integration. 21, 43-69. (Q2) [cited by 5]

7. Rabinovich, M., & Kacen, L. (2010). Advanced relationships between categories (RBC): Analysis as a qualitative research tool. Journal of Clinical Psychology, 66, 698-708. (Q1) [cited by 39]

8. Rabinovich, M. & Kacen, L. (2010). Model of interpretational qualitative analysis of interpersonal patterns. In L. Kacen and M. Kromer-Nevo (Eds.). Data Analysis in Qualitative research (pp. 413-43). Beer-Sheve: Ben-Gorion     University of the Negev. [Hebrew]

9. Rabinovich, M. & Kacen, L. (2009). Let`s look at the elephant: Metasynthesis of transference case studies for Psychodynamic and Cognitive Psychotherapy Integration, Psychology and Psychotherapy: Theory, Research and Practice. 82, 427–447. (Q1) [cited by 17]

10. Rabinovich, M., & Kacen, L. (1995). “A dynamic ball in a mirror game – Metaphor in treatment”. SihotAn Israeli Journal for Psychotherapy, 10, 20-28. [Hebrew]

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