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Research and Collaborations

AAC invests much effort in developing high standard research and scientific publications. Our scholars are both members and initiators of research consortiums, cooperating with experts from other universities in Europe, the United States and East Asia (INCO, COST and H2020 programs). We are in the process of developing capacity mobility projects with institutes in Europe for building new educational programs and arranging exchange programs for faculty and students (ERASMUS+). In order to facilitate international cooperation projects and consortia activities, AAC has partnered with IP&D (Innovation Projects and Development LTD), an SME with 20 years of experience in initiating and managing consortia and coordinating projects on a national and international level, with expertise in EU projects. Research teams are currently working in the following fields and we are seeking to develop our research cooperation in the following areas:

  • Cyber logic
  • Banking and finance (especially fin-tech)
  • Criminology and prison studies
  • Education and Edu-tech
  • Israel studies
  • Political Science
  • Conflict resolution
  • Promoting tolerance between religious and ethnic denominations
  • Politics and government
  • Tourism (especially pilgrimage, heritage, culinary, backpackers & tourist behavior )
  • Sociology and anthropology
  • Public health
  • Immigration
  • Human resources
  • Low-employability populations

AAC operates research centers such as SHAAM – the institute for re-integrating released inmates into the community. The institute, which is affiliated with the Department of Criminology, combines academic research with practice, raising public awareness to the issue of released prisoners, and influencing policy and decision-makers. In 2012, AAC and the Hebrew University’s Departments of Criminology won a tender in cooperation with the Israel Prison Service to evaluate the effectiveness and economic efficiency of prisoners’ correctional programs, thus placing the IPS at the forefront of correctional organizations worldwide working on evidence based policy.


Our departments work closely with a myriad of entities ranging from industry to government ministries and public authorities. For example, the Department of Health Studies cooperates with Barzilai Hospital in research and training.

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