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Academic position:

Field of expertise:
Family Policy, Policy towards fathers, Poverty, Mental Health Rehabilitation

Studies in progress:

1. The formation of the Community Rehabilitation for People With Disabilities Act – With Prof. Uri Aviram, Ruppin Academic College. No External Funding
2. Feminist Ideas in Israel: From the Civic Society to Politics – With Prof. Birgit Pfau-Effinger, Hamburg University. Funded by Ashkelon Academic College and Hamburg University.

Major Publications :

1.Perez-Vaisvidovsky, N., and Berkovitch, A. (Forthcoming). A Leave from Fatherhood: Perceptions of Fatherhood and Their Expressions in Court Rulings on Parental Leave for Fathers. Bar Ilan Law Review.

2.Perez-Vaisvidovsky, N., and Aviram, U (2019). The Rehabilitation of the Mentally Disabled in the Community Act in Israel: Entrepreneurship, Leadership, and Capitalizing on Opportunities in Policy Making. International Journal of Law and Psychiatry.

3.Perez-Vaisvidovsky, N. (2019) Israel: Leave policy, familialism and the neoliberal welfare state. In: Moss, P., Duvander, A. and Koslowski, A. (Eds): Parental Leave and Beyond: Recent Developments, Current Issues, Future Directions. Bristol: Policy Press

4.Perez-Vaisvidovsky, N. (2019). Enemies, Allies or Citizens? The Subject Positions of Men in the Making of Parental Leave for Fathers in Israel. Families, Relationships and Societies. DOI

5.Perez-Vaisvidovsky, N. (2019). Fathers as Frauds – the Construction of Masculinity as Welfare Fraud in Parental Leave in Israel. Journal of Men and Masculinities.22(2). Pp. 127-150. DOI 10.1177/1097184X17696175

6.Perez-Vaisvidovsky, N. (2018). In the name of the mother: The status of fathers in Israeli social policy, as seen through parental leave and work hour regulation. Hevra Ve’Revaha, 38 (2), 281-310

7.Perez-Vaisvidovsky, N & Aviram, U. (2017). The Community Rehabilitation of the Mentally Disabled Act: Entrepreneurship, leadership and seizing opportunities in policymaking. Bitachon Soczialy. 101. Pp 141-167.

8.Perez-Vaisvidovsky, N.(2017), Fathers as Frauds: On the Criminalization of Fathers in the Parental Leave for Fathers Program in Israel,Men and Masculinities,1-24,doi: 10.1177/1097184X17696175
9. Perez-Vaisvidovsky, N. (2014). Failure Has No Fathers: The Formation of the Israeli Parental Leave for Fathers, Between Ideational and Material Factors. Hebrew University, Jerusalem.
10. Perez-Vaisvidovsky, N. (2013) "Fathers at a crossroads: The combined effect of organizational and cultural factors on the making of gender-related policy". Social Politics 20(3): 407-429
11. Perez, N. (2010). "The Abandoning of Fathers as Surveillance of Families: Fathers in the Israeli Legislative Discourse". In Katz, H and Tzfadia, E (eds.), Abandoning State – Surveillancing State" : Social Policy in Israel, 1985-2008. Tel-Aviv: Resling [Hebrew]

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