Phone: +972-3-9095117


Academic position: A Teaching Fellow at Ashkelon Academic College, Israel


Field of expertise: Economics: labor economics, Povery, Inequality

Studies in progress:
A multidimensional index measuring the integration of immigrants

Major Publications:
1. Israeli, O., Weber, M. (2014). Defining chronic poverty: comparing different approaches. Applied Economics,46, 3874-3881.
2. Israeli, O. (2011). On the Shapley value and decompositions of the gender gap. In J. Deutsch and J. Silber (Eds.), the Measurement of Individual Well-Being and Group Inequalities: Essays in Memory of Z. M. Berrebi (pp. 219-248). Routledge.
3. Israeli, O., Weber, M. (2011). On the contribution of the three I's of poverty to chronic and transitory poverty. Economics Bulletin, 31, 1496-1508.
4. Deutsh, J., Israeli O., Silber J. (2007). Multi-dimensional approaches to the measurement of poverty: A study based on the last Israeli census. Research Reports. State of Israel Centeral Bureau of Statistics and the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.
5. Israeli, O. (2006). A Shapley- based decomposition of the R-square of a linear regression. Journal of Economic Inequality, 5, 199-212.
6. Goldstein E. and O. Israeli (forthcoming). The effect of the global economic crisis on the affordability of the Jewish lifestyle in Latin America. in Y. Harel, M. Topel, S. Sharvit, E. Langer and S. Ohayon (Eds.),The Jewish Communities of Latin America, University of Sao Paulo and The Dahan Center.

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