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Field of expertise:

Landscape Archaeology, Archaeology of Conflicts, Crusader Archaeology and Archaeology of Jerusalem.


Academic position: Senior Lecturer AAC

Major Publications:


List of Publications – Rafael Y. Lewis

  1. Gibson, S. and Lewis R. Y. (2019), The Subterranean Tunnel System beneath Christ Church near Jaffa Gate: Evidence of Guerilla Warfare and a Refugee Hideaway from the Time of Titus’ Siege of Jerusalem. In O. Peleg-Barkat, Y. Zelinger, J. Uziel and Y. Gadot (eds.), New Studies in the Archaeology of Jerusalem and its Region. Collected Papers Volume XIII War and Peace: Fortifications, Conflicts and their Aftermath: *18-*56.
  2. Gibson, S. Lewis, R. Y. Tabor, J. and Lass, E. H. S. (2019), Notes Archéologiques, John the Baptist or Lazarus, the Patron Saint of Leprosy? A Response. Revue Biblique3: 457-463.
  3. Gibson S. Tabor J. Lewis R. Y. and Patterson S. (2019), New Excavations on Mount Zion. In H. Geva (ed.), Ancient Jerusalem Revealed Volume III: 304-313.
  4. Lewis, R. Y. and Gibson, S. (2019), Thinking outside the box: On box-fields, cup-marks, terraces and the origins of horticulture in Judea. Studies on the Land of Judea (3): 33-46. (Hebrew).
  5. Lewis, R. Y. and Gibson, S. (2018), Cultural Landscape Palimpsest: A Spatial Archaeological View on the Lower Aqueduct and the Ain el–Arrub Inscription Studies on the Land of Judea (2): 67-88. (Hebrew).
  6. Gibson, S. Lewis, R. Y. (2017), The Origins of Terracing in the Southern Levant and Patch Cultivation/Box Fields. Journal of Landscape Ecology. Vol.10 (No. 3): 256-265.
  7. Gibson, S. Lewis, R. Y. (2017), On Determining the Date of Agricultural Terracing Around Jerusalem. New Studies on Jerusalem (22): 281-302. (Hebrew with English Abstract)
  8. Lewis, R. Y. (2017), How Strong was Strong Mountain: Preliminary Remarks on the Possible Location of the Mamluk Siege Position at Montfort Castle. In A. J. Boas, (ed.). Montfort: History, Early Research and Recent Studies of the Principal Fortress of the Teutonic Order in the Latin East. 282-286. Leiden and Boston: Brill.
  9. Lewis, R. Y. (2016), Into the Mists of the Past: What is Landscape Archaeology? In C. Shafer-Elliot, (ed.). Five Minutes Archaeology of the Southern Levant. pp. 192-196. Sheffield: Equinox.
  10. Gibson, S., Lewis, R. Y. and Tabor, J. (2016), New Finds from the 11th to 13th Centuries Along the Southern Old City Wall of Mount Zion. New Studies in the Archaeology of Jerusalem and its Region (X):*39-*55.
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