Academic position:
Head of the Sociology and Anthropology Department at the Ashkelon Academic College.

Field of expertise:
immigration; gender; identity; ethnicity; intercultural encounters; syncretism; Rural Sociology. 

Major Publications:

Sharaby, Rachel."Journeyfrom a 'small space to a 'large space': A mediated and divided sanctity in pilgrimage". Journal of Cultural and Religious Studies 8 (1): 60-74, 2020.

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Sharaby, Rachel. "The renewal of an ethnic tradition and its role in shaping the Kurds immigrants’ identity". Immigrants & Minorities 35 (2): 129-147, 2017.

Sharaby, Rachel. "Political activism and ethnic revival of a cultural symbol". Ethnicities 11(4): 489-511, 2011.

Sharaby, Rachel. "Dual liminality: Marriage rituals of the Mountain Jews in a changing social context". Journal of Ritual Studies 25(1): 25-44, 2011.

Sharaby, Rachel. “The Holiday of Holidays: Triple-holiday festival for: Christians, Jews and Muslims". Social CompassInternational Review of Sociology of Religion 55 :581-596, 2008.

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Sharaby, Rachel. "May 1 rituals during the first decade of the State: From a sectorial holiday to a national holiday". Megamot 44: 106-136, 2006 (Hebrew).

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