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Office: 08-6789280


Academic position:
Chair of the Psychology Department (ACA)


Field of expertise:
Social Psychology with a special reference to functional cognition

Studies in progress :
1. Moral, social and judgmental modularity
2. Empathy in everyday life and in clinical settings
3. Terrorism: Account and prevention
4. Forgiveness and reconciliation.

Major Publications :
1. Algom, D., Wolf, Y., & Bergman, B. (1985). Integration of stimulus dimensions in perception and memory: Composition rules and psychophysical relations.Journal of Experimental Psychology: General, 114, 451-471.
2. Bar-Eli, M., Shimkin, T., & Wolf, Y. (2011). Professional Basketball’sUnsportsmanlike Fouls in the Eyes of the beholders. Applied Psychology:An International Journal, 59, 480-494.
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8. Wolf, Y. (1995). Estimation of Euclidian quantity by 5- and 6- year-old children:Facilitation of multiplication rule. Journal of Experimental Child Psychology, 59, 49-75.
9. Wolf, Y., & Algom, D. (1987). Perceptual and memorial constructs in children's judgment of quantity: A law of across representation invariance.Journal of Experimental Psychology: Genera, 116, 381-397.
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