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Field of expertise:
developmental memory

Major Publications:

1. Anaki, D., Faran, Y., Ben Shalom D., & Henik, A. (2005). The false memory and the mirror effects: The role of familiarity and backward association in creating false recollections. Journal of Memory and Language, 52 (1). 87-102.
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7. Ben Shalom, D., Ronel, Z., Faran, Y., Meiri, G., Gabis, L., & Kerns, K. A. (Forthcoming). A Double Dissociation between Inattentive and Impulsive Traits, on Tasks of Visual Processing and Emotion Regulation. Journal of Attention Disorders.
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9. Faran, Y., Sophen, Y. & Ben Shalom, D. (2017)Errorful and errorless learning in? preschoolers: at what age does the errorful advantage appear. Cognitive Development,44. 150- 156.

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