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Academic position:
Senior Lecturer


Field of expertise:
• Cyber security
• Artificial Intelligence
• Communication Networks
• Game Theory and Machine Learning

Research in progress:


1. Logical based solution for Cyber IoT, with Prof. Dov Gabbay- Ashkelon academic College, Dr. Esther David – Ashkelon academic College.
2. Improve access security to IoT at LTE Advanced network at the presence of video-based-attack, with Prof. Shlomi Arnon, Electrical and Computer Engineering Department, Ben-Gurion University of the Negev.
3. Envelope strip – A Near Optimal sampling method for sensing temporal data with Prof. Menachem Domb, Ashkelon academic College.

Major publications:

1. Rohn Eli, Gilad Zabari, guy Leshem (2015), Explaining Small Business InfoSec Posture Using Social Theories, Information and Computer Security Accepted 06/2016.
2. Rohn Eli, Connie White, guy Leshem (2015) Offensive Information Warfare. International Journal of Information Systems and Social Change (IJISSC) (IF 0.64) Accepted 07/2015.
3. A. Cohen, S. Dolev and G. Leshem, “Sensor Fusion: From Dependence Analysis Via Matroid Bases to Online Synthesis,” accepted, Theoretical Computer Science (TCS) Journal (IF 0.516; 76/102 Q3).
4. Adi Raveh, Guy Leshem , 2010, Bias in Estimation for Classical Statistical Coefficient,. International Journal of Statistics and Management System (IJSMS), p. 141-150, January 2011.
5. Adi Raveh, Guy Leshem , 2010, New measurement way for Pearson coefficient, Journal of Advances and Applications in Statistical Sciences (AASS) , p. 371-380.


Refereed Conference Proceading:


1. Esther David, Guy Leshem, Dana Shapira, Michal Chalamish and Alvin Chiang, Expert-Based Fusion Algorithm of Ensemble of Anomaly Detection Algorithms, 19th annual conference sponsored by the Taiwanese Association for Artificial Intelligence (TAAI) 2014.
2. Guy Leshem, Esther David, Michal Chalamish and Dana Shepira, ReputationPrediction of Anomaly Detection Algorithms for Reliable System, Software Summit: IEEE CS International Conference on Software Science, Technology, and Engineering (SwSTE'2014), Bar-Ilan University, Israel.
3. Asaf Cohen begin_of_the_skype_highlightingend_of_the_skype_highlighting, Shlomi Dolev and Guy Leshem, 2011, Sensor Fusion: From Dependence AnalysisVia Matroid Bases to Online Synthesis, 7th International Symposium on Algorithms for Sensor Systems, Wireless Ad Hoc Networks and Autonomous Mobile Entities,
4. September 8-9, 2011, Saarbruecken, Germany
5. Guy Leshem and Shlomi Dolev, 2010, Purifying Data by Machine Learning with Certainty Levels 10th Bar-Ilan Symposium on the Foundations of Artificial Intelligence (BISFAI), also: 3rd ACM SIGOPS/SIGACT Workshop on Reliability, Availability, and Security (WRAS 2010) p. 45-50.
6. Guy Leshem, Ya'acov Ritov, 2007, Traffic Flow Prediction using Adaboost Algorithm with Random Forests as a Weak Learner, XIX. International Conference on Computer, Information, and Systems Science, and Engineering January 29-31, 2007 , Bangkok, Thailand. p. 1993-1996
7. L. Joskowicz, C. Milgrom, A. Simkin, O. Sadowsky, Z. Yaniv, G.Leshem, 1999, FRA CAS: A System for Computer-Aided Image-Guided Long Bone Fracture Surgery, Proc. of the 2nd Int. Symposium on Medical Robotics and Computer Assisted Surgery, Jerusalem,
8. L. Joskowicz, C. Milgrom, A. Simkin, O. Sadowsky, Z. Yaniv and G. Leshem, 1999, Computer-aided image-guided bone fracture surgery: system integration and prototype, Proc. 13th Int. Symposium on Computer Assisted Radiology and Surgery, H.U. Lemke et. al. eds, Elsevier, pp 710-715.

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