Phone:+972-50 6874 452

Academic position:

Senior Lecturer in the Department of Politics and Government and the division of Multidisciplinary Studies in Social Science

Field of expertise:

International Relations, Political Science, China, Middle East and Persian Gulf.

Major Publications :

1.Mordechai Chaziza (2020/1). China and the Middle East: Belt and Road Strategy and Diplomatic Partnership. Great Britain: Sussex Academic Press (forthcoming 2020/1).

2.Mordechai Chaziza, China's Relationship with Egypt and Oman: A Strategic Framework for the Implementation of China's Maritime Silk Road Implementation. In Michael Clarke, Matthew Sussex and Nick Bisley (eds.) The Belt and Road Initiative and the Future of Regional Order in the Indo-Pacific (pp. 141-157). London: Lexington Books

3. Mordechai Chaziza, China and the Persian Gulf: The New Silk Road Strategy and Emerging Partnerships. Great Britain: Sussex Academic Press, 2020.

4. Mordechai Chaziza, "Tourism as a Stealth Weapon," Middle East Quarterly 26/4, (2019), pp.1-8.

5. Mordechai Chaziza, "China’s Economic Diplomacy Approach in the Middle East Conflicts," China Report 55/1, (2019), pp. 24-39.

6. Mordechai Chaziza, Six Years After the Arab Spring: China Foreign Policy in the Middle East-North Africa. In: Çakmak, C. and Özçelik, A. O. (eds.) The World Community and Arab Spring (pp.185-204). Palgrave Macmillan, Cham, 2019.

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8. Mordechai Chaziza, China's Counter-Terrorism Policy in the Middle East. In: Clarke M. (ed.) Terrorism and Counter-Terrorism in China: Domestic and Foreign Policy Dimensions (pp. 141-156). New York: Oxford University Press, 2018.

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