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Field of expertise: Mainly interested in prisoners’ rehabilitation, crime and gender, and quantitative methods.


Academic position: Lecturer, The Department of Criminology, The Ashkelon Academic College

Major Publications (Please list the 10 most important publications.  If they are written in Hebrew, please translate their titles into English within parentheses):

Tshuva, S., Haviv, N & Landau, S. (Forthcoming). Predicting Risk Factors of Criminal Victimization: An Israeli Study. Israeli Criminology. (Hebrew).

Wolff, M., Sternfeld, M., Kaplan-Harel, G. & Haviv, N.  (Forthcoming). The Hartuv Therapeutic Community – Internal motivation for change versus the threat of arrest. Society & Welfare. (Hebrew).

Haviv, N., & Hasisi, B. (2019). Prison Addiction Program and the Role of Integrative Treatment and Program Completion on Recidivism. International journal of offender therapy and comparative criminology, 63(15-16), 2741-2770.‏

Haviv, N., Weisburd, D., Hasisi, B., Shoham, E., & Wolfowicz, M. (2019). Do religious programs in prison work? A quasi-experimental evaluation in the Israeli prison service. Journal of Experimental Criminology, 1-29.‏

Hasisi, B. Weisburd, D., Shoham, E., Haviv, N. & Zelig A. (2018). Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation Programs in Prison: The Rock of Sisyphus, Megamot. 52(2). 259- 300 (Hebrew).

Shoham, E., Zelig, A., Hasisi, B., Weisburd, D., & Haviv, N. (2017). "The whole is greater than the sum of the parts": Prison staff perceptions of domestic violence rehabilitation programs. Journal of offender therapy and comparative criminology.62(11). 3298-3321.

Shoham, E., Zelig, A., Hasisi, B., Weisburd, D., & Haviv, N. (2017). The" Black Box" Behind Prison-Based Vocational Training Programs. European Scientific Journal, 13(12), 432-443.

Weisburd, D., Hasisi, B., Shoham, E., Aviv, G., & Haviv, N. (2017). Reinforcing the impacts of work release on prisoner recidivism: the importance of integrative interventions. Journal of Experimental Criminology, 13(2), 241-264.

Hasisi, B., Shoham, E., Weisburd, D., Haviv, N., & Zelig, A. (2016). The “care package,” prison  domestic  violence  programs  and  recidivism:  a   quasi-experimental study. Journal of Experimental Criminology, 1-24.

Haviv, N. (2016). Reporting Sexual Assaults to the Police: The Israeli BDSM Community. Sexuality Research and Social Policy. 13(3), 276-287.

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