Phone: +972-508955885


Academic position:
Lecturer and Teacher training.


Field of expertise:
• History of education
• history of Childhood,
• gender
• immigration
• history of Pre – State Israel.

Studies in progress :
Design Children's political views on the subject of war and peace, (Education for Peace – working group, the Kibbutz College of Education)

Major Publications:
1. Schenkolewski Z. (2009), Vision, Reality and the Construction of a Nation: Childhood and City Children in Pre-State Israel (1918-1948), Ph.d. thesis, bar Ilan University, (in Hebrew).
2. (2010). "Education for girls and revolution in the Zionist schools in Pre-State Israel", Maim Medalio: Jewish education in an age of Transition 21: 89-123 (in Hebrew).
3. Schenkolewski Z. "Perception of childhood and the educational system in Pre-State Israel", will be published in 'Hebrew education during the British Mandate', in 2016, by Efrat College, (in Hebrew).
4. Schenkolewski Z. "Children of War: Memory of the First World War among Children and Teachers in Mandatory Palestine", will be published in, katedra, 2016, (in Hebrew).
5. Schenkolewski Z. "Ha’ivriyya (the house organ of the Spitzer School), as a Reflection of the Revolution in the Construction of Religious, National, and Gender Identity during the British Mandate",will be published in, katedra, 2016, (in Hebrew).

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