Phone: +972-526314357


Academic position: Senior lecturer

Field of expertise:
• Artificial Intelligence
• Ad-Exchange
• Cyber IoT
• Electronic Commerce
• Logic solution for practical problem
• tutoring system

Research in progress:

  1. AI algorithms for crowd sourcing for CCTV surveillance, with Prof. David Sarne- Bar-Ilan University, Dr. Avshalom Elmalech, Harvard University.
  2. Ad-Exchange: Intention Driven Auction Mechanism for Mediating between Publishers and Advertisers, with Dr. Rina Azoulay- Jerusalem Academic College of Technology.
  3. An Intelligent Tutoring system to improve reading Comprehension based on machine learning, with Dr. Rina Azoulay- Jerusalem Academic College of Technology, Dr. Mirelle Avigal, Open University, Dorit Hutzler-Jerusalem Academic College of Technology 
  4. Logical based solution for Cyber IoT, with Prof. Dov Gabbay- Ashkelon academic College, Dr. Guy Leshem- Ashkelon academic College 
  5. Talmudic norms Approach to the paradox of the Heap, with Rabi Shlomo David-Ashkelon Academic College, Prof. Dov gabbay- Ashkelon Academic College, and Prof. Uri Schild- Ashkelon Academic College. 

Major publications:

1. Menachem Domb, Guy Leshem, Elisheva Boncheck-Dokow, and Esther David (2017), An Adaptive Classification Framework for Data Streaming Anomaly Detection, US-China Education Review B, Vol 7 (3), pp1-11.
2. Esther David, Dov Gabbay , Guy Leshem. CS Ashkelon Students (2017), Logical Analysis of IoT Cyber Vulnerability and Protection, South American Journal of Logic, vol 3 n. 2. Pp 1-31.

Articles or Chapters in Scientific Books:

1. Dov Gabbay, Esther David, and Uri Schild, (2018) Beyond Logic and Religion: Essays on Logic, Philosophy and Religion, Springer Series “Sophia Studies in Cross-cultural Philosophy of Traditions and Cultures, Talmudic Norms Approach to the Paradox of the Heap: A Position Paper”

Refereed Conference papers:
1. Menachem Domb, Guy Leshem, Esther David, (2017) IoT Anomaly Detection-Rule Generation and Execution. The Second International Conference on Internet of things, Data and Cloud computing, ICC'17, Cambridge, UK, In press
2. Avshalom Elmalech, David Sarne, Esther David, and Chen Hajaj, (2017) Enhancing Crowdworkers Vigilance, the 25th International Conference on Artificial Intelligence, Sister Conference Best Paper Track, Melbourne Australia, pp4826-4830. (3 citations)
3. Rina Azoulay and Esther David, (2018) Ad Placement Mechanism for Public Displays of Private Owners, International Conference on the Electrical Engineering, ICSEE2018, Eilat Israel.
4. Guy Leshem, Esther David, Menachem Domb, (2018) Probability Based Keys Sharing for IOT Security, International Conference on the Electrical Engineering, ICSEE2018, Eilat Israel.

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