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Academic positions: Full Professor(since 1996).

Fields of expertise:

Economics of Human Resources

Health economics

Environmental economics

Economics of Religion

Major Publications:

1."Behavioral Health Risk Factors: The Interaction of Personal and Country Effects" (with T. Garcia-Munoz, and T. Neuman), International Journal of Behavioral Medicine, 25(2), pp.183-197, 2018.

2."A 'Healthy Immigrant Effect' or a 'Sick Immigrant Effect'? Selection and Policy Matter" (with A. Constant, T. Garcia-Munoz, and T. Neuman), European Journal of Health Economics, Vol. 19(1), pp.103-121, January 2018 (First Online – January 2017).

3. “Religious Pro-Sociality? Experimental Evidence from a Sample of 766 Spaniards” (with P. Branas-Garza and A.M. Espin), PLOS ONE (an open access journal), 9:8, pp. 1-11, August 2014.

4. "Bridges or Buffers? Motives behind Immigrants' Religiosity" (with T. Garcia-Munoz), IZA Journal of Migration, 2:23, 2013.

5. "The Evolution of Secularization: Cultural Transmission, Religion and Fertility – Theory, Simulations and Evidence" (with R. Bar-El, T. Garcia-Munoz and Y. Tobol), Journal of Population Economics, Vol. 26(3), pp. 1129-1174, 2013.

6. "Intergenerational Transmission of 'Religious Capital': Evidence from Spain" (with P. Branas-Garza and T. Garcia-Munoz), Revista Internacional de Sociologia, Vol. 69(3), pp. 649-677 (in English), 2011.

7. “Wage Mobility in Israel: The Effect of Sectoral Concentration” (with A.R. Cardoso and A. Ziderman), Journal of Labor Research, Vol. 31(2), pp. 146-161, 2010.

8. "Explorations of the Effect of Experience on Preferences for a Health-Care Service" (with T. Neuman and E. Neuman), Journal of Socio Economics, Vol. 39, pp. 407-419, 2010.

9.“Agency in Health- Care: Are Medical Care-Givers Perfect Agents?“ (with E. Neuman), Applied Economics Letters, Vol. 16(13-15), pp. 1355-1360, 2009.

10. "Reference-Dependent Preferences and Loss Aversion – A Discrete Choice Experiment in the Health-Care Sector" (with E. Neuman), Judgment and Decision Making, Vol. 3(2), pp. 162-173, 2008.

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