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10 Reasons to Study at AAC

Ashkelon Academic College management has set the quality of teaching as its top priority. According to the Council for Higher Education, AAC has met these standards. The ratio of senior academic staff to students enables each student to receive personal attention from a senior member of the academic staff.

Over 9,000 students took part in the survey conducted by the Student Union for student satisfaction from the quality of teaching. AAC was ranked in 1st place .

Ashkelon Academic College is among the 22 public colleges supported by the Council for Higher Education, and therefore upholds the uniform tuition fees set by the authorities.

Ashkelon Academic College is covered by the Negev and Galil Education Promotion Law which provides an exemption from tuition for first-year students, released soldiers, and graduates of National / Civic Service (with entitlement for five years from service release date).

AAC’s administration set itself an unbreakable rule: “No student shall halt her or his studies due to financial difficulty.” The college has set up a scholarship system for its students, drawing on a fund valued at millions of shekels. The college campus also offers a regional PERACH mentoring program which provides hundreds of students with scholarship options.

At Ashkelon Academic College, we enjoy links between the academic and the industrial areas in many spheres that offer professional opportunities to the academy’s students. AAC runs an Employment Orientation Center to help students and employers meet each other via an advanced software program.

Ashkelon Academic College was the first academic institution in Israel to make all its info systems virtual. Ease of use and availability of data contribute to improving academic achievement, save invaluable time, and avoid the expense of purchasing programs.

Personal mentoring and consultation are provided to students from initial registration through to completion of studies, together with diverse student services and academic support to promote students’ success.

Our supportive individual learning atmosphere is the outcome of small classes and personal attention from the academic staff.

Visually, the college campus is one of Israel’s most pleasant, situated a short walk from the central bus station and not far from the beach. Your learning experience on campus will be lively, enjoyable and include cultural events, active breaks, comedy shows, movies and lectures in the conference center, high standard dorms, a gym, and much more.

Ashkelon Academic College runs a support center for students with learning disabilities and special needs. Its purpose is to provide maximum accessibility to higher education and support for students until their studies are complete.

The center offers diverse services and individual assistance, from personal orientation to technological help, emotional support, workshops, and individualized support.

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