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The School of Politics and Government offers a BA degree across two fields of study: politics, and governance. Studies are diverse and interesting and include study trips, workshops and encounters of various kinds. Courses are taught by senior researchers and lecturers. The school’s goal is to qualify graduates for advanced degrees and allow them to integrate into a wide variety of professions and specialized in public activity in Israel. Students enjoy personal attention from both the academic and administrative staff.

Academic & Administrative Staff

Head: Prof. Ilan Grailsummer

Administrative Head: Ms. Michal Hasson


Tel: 08-6789280

Fax: 08-6789288


Campus location: Building 6, Room 218


Curriculum Objectives

In 21st century Israel, the needs of society and the economy, particularly with regard to public service, require suitable academic qualifications. The degree in politics and government aims to provide appropriate background and tools. The curriculum is geared to students wishing to join active public life, become future leaders, and integrate into systems of government and public administration at the national and local levels.


Ashkelon Academic College (AAC) offers a syllabus in politics and governance based on combinations across two schools, thereby allowing integration of broader spheres: criminology, psychology, sociology, and anthropology. The syllabus is adjusted to meet students’ needs and has a user-friendly approach that allows integrating regular employment with academic studies.

Employment opportunities for graduates

Graduates earning this degree can integrate into public life, leadership roles, government systems, diplomacy, media and liaison, and public administration at national, regional and local levels: government offices, local authorities, security services, parliament, and more. Graduates can also integrate into the private sector in departments of external liaison, public relations organizations, banking, business, and more.

Points of interest

Personalized approach

Study trips and encounters in state and government authorities

Preparation for career development and advanced studies

Senior lecturers and researchers

Survey of graduates

Indicates that 95% of the school’s graduates are employed

Small classes

Academic conferences

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