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Ashkelon academic college (AAC) is pleased to launch its first series of internationalized courses.

Undergraduate students at AAC benefit from top-quality teaching in engaging and relevant courses.

The International Relations Office has developed these courses, aiming at producing professional,

practical, enjoyable, and thought-provoking courses, which will provide students with greater international skills

In our annual program, the following courses will be taught:


  • E-commerce: Towards a Digital Transformation (lecturer: Mr. Yossi Buganim) – dreaming of opening your own electronic business? AAC invites you to take part in the field of E-commerce in which you will learn how to advertise and promote business models and implement marketing strategies.
  • Conflict, Global Communication, and Public Diplomacy (lecturer: Dr. Elie Friedman) – the course will provide its students with an opportunity to examine the principles of public diplomacy while studying how to apply such principles within the context of asymmetric warfare.
  • Holy Sites in the Holy Land: Conflict or Co-existence? (lecturer: Prof. Yitzhak Reiter) – the course depicts the ongoing disputes of Israel’s ethnic, national, and religious groups over contested holy places, compared to other noteworthy holy places around the world.
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