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The School of Multidisciplinary Studies in Social Sciences offers three main tracks: Business Management, Human Resources, and Education. The curriculum is interesting, diverse, and includes theoretical and practical studies. Leading lecturers and senior researchers teach the materials and provide students with academic and professional consultancy and a personalized approach. The school’s priority is to qualify students both for advanced studies and integration into a wide range of professions.

Academic & Administrative Staff

Head: Dr. Dov Levitan

Multidisciplinary Administrative Head: Ms. Yael Avhar


Administrative Head: Ms. Liraz Eliahu


Administrative Head: Ms. Talia Belz


Tel: 08-6789503

Administrative Head: Ms. Karin Orion


Secretary: Ms. Rina Mozes


Tel: 08-6789253

Fax: 08-6789254


Campus location: Building 4, Level -1


Curriculum Objectives

The curriculum gives students a strong foundation in diverse fields of knowledge. Tracks include various divisions and unique courses adapted to students and geared at providing information and tools in focal areas of life.
The multidisciplinary curriculum is a solution for students who experience difficulty in choosing among several social science options, or who wish to enjoy a rich array of social sciences subjects as part of their BA.


The syllabus is constructed around three tracks: business management, human resources, and education.

Each of these comprises five units, the first of which bears the name of the track. The next three units derive from diverse disciplines: sociology and anthropology, education, politics and governance, human resources, psychology, educational consultancy, and business management. The fifth unit comprises courses on methodology: an introduction to statistics, computer usage, scientific writing and bibliographic guidance, and qualitative and quantitative research methods.

The curriculum was constructed for individuals who find social sciences a fascinating field of human behavior. It combines multiple and diverse disciplines, intellectual interest and personal experience. It is also particularly suited for people in the workforce wanting to experience theoretical studies which integrate additional implementational fields.

Points of interest

Personalized approach

Diverse areas of knowledge and employment flexibility

Preparation for career development and advanced studies

Integrating diploma studies

Top lecturers and senior researchers

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