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The Department of Criminology offers a unique track for undergraduate and graduate studies. The curriculum is interesting, varied and contains both practical and research experiences. The Department aims to train its graduates to continue studies in advanced degrees and to enable them to integrate into a variety of professions and specializations in the field of law enforcement and amendment. The students enjoy the personal attention and assistance of both the academic and administrative staff.

Academic & Administrative Staff

Head: Prof.Efrat Shoham

Administrative Head: Ms. Alexandra Trachkov

Tel: 08-6789242
Fax: 08-6789233


Campus location: Administrative Building, 1st Flo

Curriculum Objectives

The curriculum qualifies graduates who wish to integrate into, or show academic interest in, criminology. It also qualifies law enforcement staff, such as members of the Israel Police Force, Israel Prison Service, Parole Services, and more.


Compulsory courses in the BA syllabus provide students with basic knowledge. Electives suit students’ specific interests, and practical work within the framework of studies promotes a better understanding of the theoretical material.

Choose from one of two study tracks:

Single major track – a unique program in Israel

This curriculum offers studies in diverse fields linked to criminal behavior, perversion, addiction, law enforcement, rehabilitation, criminal identification, lie detection, and more.In 2nd year students can choose an array of courses in either forensic science or profiling.

Double major track

This option allows students to combine criminology with studies in other social sciences: psychology, sociology, or politics and governance. Students in this track enjoy a rich syllabus designed to offer a deeper understanding of human behavior: individuals, groups, normative, perversion, and how the theoretical and implementational perspectives interlink.

Points of interest

Personalized approach

Study trips

Study trips to prisons throughout Israel and encounters with researchers in the police force and public advocates.

Academic conferences

Practical experience in law enforcement and reforms

Institute for Research on Reintegration of Ex-offenders into Society

Israeli criminology

Forensic laboratory

Track suited to members of security services

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