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Curriculum Objectives

The curriculum aims to qualify graduates for employment in different roles in the health system, medical industry, research and academic institutions, international organizations, NGOs, and simultaneously promote public health and prevent disease.

Students learn advanced concepts in research and methodology producing new approaches to public health while simultaneously integrating multidisciplinary knowledge. The BA in Public Health is the basis for gaining knowledge and professional skill in the field and additionally serves as the preparatory platform for advanced degrees.

The curriculum equips students with the tools needed to integrate into diverse positions focused on improving public health in Israel through high-level academic studies and prepared them for practical work in various health institutions during their second and third years of study.

The curriculum may also prove interesting to individuals employed in Israel’s health systems who seek academic education for professional advancement in their field.


The syllabus comprises introductory courses and theoretical knowledge in various areas of life sciences, core courses from the field of medicine, courses from the field of health systems, and practical experience in various health organizations. The syllabus provides students with knowledge on a wide array of activities in public health and simultaneously develops scientific and critical thinking.

Studies include learning trips which give students an inside look into health issues on the community level, while learning about how these issues are addressed in the field.

Points of interest

Personalized approach

Unique program in Israel

Leading lecturers and researchers

Personal attention and small classes

Practical experience

Practical experience in health bureaus, public health services, the Barzilai Medical Center (Hospital), health maintenance organizations (Kupat Holim), and various academic institutions

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