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Studies are diverse, interesting and integrate research and therapeutic experience. Courses are taught by senior psychologists, researchers and lecturers. The school’s goal is to qualify graduates for advanced degrees and allow them to integrate into a wide variety of professions and specialized fields. Students enjoy personal attention from both the academic and administrative staff.

Academic & Administrative Staff

Head: Prof. Yuval Wolf

Administrative Head: Ms. Michal Hasson

Tel: 08-6789280

Fax: 08-6789288


Campus location: Building 6, Room 218


Curriculum Objectives

The curriculum provides students with a strong foundation for building their academic, professional and personal futures in the field of psychology. The curriculum provides quality academic qualifications at the theoretical, methodological and practical levels in all areas of knowledge related to psychology


Courses combine general theories of psychology with practical methodologies and experience in the schools’ research laboratory. Students are given an opportunity to gain practical experience as part of their familiarization with therapeutic field work.

The syllabus combines two areas which enhance its overall academic value. Firstly, the syllabus emphasizes research aspects of psychology, a necessity in advanced studies which require solid methodological foundations. Secondly, courses also offer in-depth perspectives on certain areas of psychology, providing students with an opportunity to familiarize themselves with key issues.

Ashkelon Academic College offers two tracks of study in psychology:

Expanded single major track: unique to Ashkelon Academic College, this syllabus underlines our extensive cumulative experience. The syllabus ensures a solid academic infrastructure suited to advanced degrees in any university in Israel and worldwide. This track exposes students to several key areas of psychology which expand their horizons and broaden their knowledge.

Double major track: allows students to combine their studies in psychology with other studies in social sciences: criminology, sociology, anthropology, and politics and governance. Students in this track enjoy a rich set of courses designed to expand their knowledge.

Points of interest

Personalized approach

Integration as a research assistant

Practical experience in the therapeutic framework

Top lecturers, researchers and psychologists

Preparation for career development and advanced studies

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