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The Department of Land of Israel Studies

The Department of Land of Israel Studies

The School of Land of Israel Studies offers a unique BA track which additionally allows integrating tourism studies. The curriculum is interesting and varied and includes study trips, research camps, workshops and more. Courses include cooperative ventures with the tourism industry, the Parks and Reserves Authority, the Antiquities Authority, JNF, and other organizations. Students enjoy the support and a personalized approach from the academic and administrative staff.

Academic & Administrative Staff

Head: Prof. Avi sasson

Administrative Head: Ms. Michal hason

Tel: 08-6789280





Curriculum Objectives

Land of Israel Studies is a practical discipline which qualifies graduates to guide, explain and teach the culture, history, and geography of the Land of Israel to the Israeli public, to school students, and to millions of tourists. BA graduates can integrate into institutions and organizations involved in tour guiding in Israel (trips, tourism activities, local authorities, government organizations, antiquities authorities, parks and nature reserves).
The curriculum is designed for anyone wishing to experience and familiarize him or herself with Israel and its heritage, as well as those interested in employment and entrepreneurship opportunities in various tourism and educational ventures.


The syllabus is based on the historical-geographical approach, which provides students with rich knowledge on tourism locations, religions, civilizations, minorities and ethnicities, national and archeological sites, holy sites, topographical maps, ecology and environment, and more.

Studies allow combining courses from an additional discipline: politics and governance, sociology and anthropology, criminology, and tourism, the latter qualifying graduates for work in tourism management, entrepreneurship and planning. 

Employment opportunities

Graduates of Land of Israel Studies can find employment in diverse fields: teaching, guiding tourist groups, museums, Society for Protection of Nature, Parks and Nature Reserves, JNF, guiding organizations in local authorities, and more.

Points of interest

Personalized approach

Preparation for career development and advanced studies

Study trips as part of the syllabus, including research camps, archeological workshops, and more

Cooperative ventures

Cooperative ventures with Parks & Nature Reserves Authority, Antiquities Authority, JNF, The Council for Preservation of Sites, Bible Lands Museum, Ministry of Tourism

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