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B.A. in Economics & Management

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Head of School: Prof. Shoshana Neuman

Curriculum Objectives

Israel’s accelerated pace of economic development and its integration into international markets lead to high demand for professional skills in all areas of management: production systems, human resources, and financing. The curriculum aims to richly address the field of management, simultaneously integrating broad knowledge in economics. This combination promotes smart management decisions under quickly changing market conditions.
The curriculum is geared to students wishing to integrate into the workplace in diverse managerial positions, equipping them with the current professional knowledge that allows filling managerial roles with high levels professionalism. The curriculum also offers those aiming for positions in public service or the business sector to gain a suitable education in their chosen field for professional promotion.


The syllabus combines economics with advanced management studies. Students acquire practical management tools which assist in the organizational management and understanding diverse fields: finance, human resources, and production systems, together with an understanding of economics: the capital market, public finance, micro, macro and more.

The syllabus is updated to reflect developments in both the local and international economies. Courses include risk management (including cyber risk), business entrepreneurship, international business management (Far East markets: China, India, Japan) and more.

Points of interest

Personalized approach

BA in Economics & Management

First-year studies

First-year studies conducted jointly in three schools: management, banking, logistics

Preparation for career development and advanced studies

Survey of graduates

Survey of graduates shows that about 90% of Faculty of Economics graduates are employed

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