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Retraining for Academics – Bachelor’s Degree in Social Work (B.S.W.)

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Curriculum Objectives

The curriculum provides knowledge and skills for working with individuals, groups and communities. It trains social workers to deal with issues such as unemployment, violence, substance abuse and poverty. Effective coping with personal and social issues requires a systemic approach in addition to the traditional one-on-one care. The curriculum provides comprehensive coverage of these issues. Particular emphasis is placed on therapeutic and implementational aspects together with broad perspectives on Israeli society and policy change.

With this degree in hand, the graduate can become a registered social worker and work in this field.

The academic retraining curriculum recognizes your BA and allows you to qualify for a sought-after profession. Studies are geared to holders of a BA with a minimum average grade of 83 who are interested in integrating into the field of social care and services.


The syllabus includes practical and theoretical units, workshops and focal study topics. Students begin practical training during their first year of studies, either in social services or various suitable agencies throughout Israel. This gradually exposes students to social work applied in the field. Areas of training include specialization in individual care, group facilitation, support of community projects, and policy change. At the end of the first year, students choose their specialization: individual or community social work. The track for individual care focuses on the individual and the family from a systemic perspective. Studies include specialization in community work and social policy.

The track for community care provides a community-oriented approach and explores social changes. Studies also include specialization in all components of individual care: the individual and the family.

Both tracks – individual care/community care – emphasize both the theoretical-academic perspectives and on practical training.

Points of interest

Personalized approach

Practical training

Offered in 170 locations in the southern, central and northern regions of Israel

Survey of graduates

Survey of graduates shows that about 90% of Faculty of Social Work graduates are employed in social services throughout Israel

Leading lecturers and researchers

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