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Curriculum Objectives

The curriculum provides knowledge and tools needed for providing general nursing care to individuals and families in times of sickness and health. The curriculum develops interpersonal communication skills, critical thinking, and the ability to manage care options and cooperate with colleagues in the health professions.

Qualified nurses attain initial academic abilities for a range of roles. Training is geared to roles in the health system, hospitals, and the community based on broad scientific knowledge of nursing, medicine, society, and behavior. Graduates earn a BSN as well as a Registered Nurse Certificate, subject to their successful completion of government licensing examinations by the Ministry of Health.


The curriculum combines theoretical and clinical studies. Courses given in nursing, medicine, and society during the first year form the basis of continuous studies and are prerequisites to continue in the second year. Clinical studies and practical experience begin in the second semester of the first year and continue alongside theoretical studies. Clinical experience exposes students to clinical fields in various health organizations which provide health services to the public.

Clinical studies are based on the Ministry of Health’s Nursing Administration and are conducted in a wide range of divisions: adult nursing (internal medicine, surgery), women’s issues, pediatrics, community nursing, mental health, emergency medicine, and rehabilitative nursing.

Theoretical studies take place on the Ashkelon Academic College campus. Clinical studies are conducted in various centers, hospitals and community health systems.

The syllabus is taught over a 4-year period of 8 semesters.

Points of interest

Personalized approach

Simulation Center

Simulation Center recreating real-time clinical situations in the community and hospital

Clinical experience

Clinical experience in various fields in hospitals and the community

Senior lecturers and researchers

Academic degree combined with professional certification

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