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The Department of Computer Science

The Department of Computer Science

The School of Computer offers a B.Sc. degree in Exact Sciences. Course materials are updated to match current needs of the hi-tech industry and to prepare students for MA degrees.

Courses include cooperative ventures with leading industrial companies, among them Rafael, Elta, Intel, the Nuclear Research Center, and more. Students enjoy the support and a personalized approach from the academic and administrative staff.

Academic & Administrative Staff

Head: Prof. Uri Schild

Administrative Head: Ms. Michal Hasson

Tel: 08-6789280

Fax: 08-6789288


Campus location: Building 6, Room 218


Curriculum Objectives

The curriculum qualifies graduates in the fields of programming and development, allowing graduates to integrate into the hi-tech industry in Israel and abroad. Courses focus on practical orientation with the broad theoretical background. Students gain the toolbox needed to quickly integrate into a diversity of roles in technology, cyber and hi-tech industries.


The syllabus combines theoretical background with practical courses at basic and advanced levels, such as software development, algorithms and computation, computer and software systems, programming languages, data security, a workshop for projects, and more. The 2nd and the 3rd Years enable students the chance to choose from two fields: software engineering, or data security (cyber).

Points of interest

Personalized approach

Cooperative ventures with industry

Unique cooperation in the field of cyber with Rafael (Advanced Defense Systems Ltd.)

Student exchange program with Taiwan in cooperation with Intel

International academic activities

Student projects jointly with the Nuclear Research Center

1st-year students participate in research

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