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Curriculum Objectives

The curriculum expands theoretical and practical knowledge on conceptual, organizational and functional aspects of the criminal justice system, based on knowledge and tools gained in the BA track. The curriculum explores the principles of policy in various systems related to criminal justice, examples of the theories on which these principles are based, policy trends and reforms, and scientific research on the strategies and models implemented in Israel and the Western world.
The MA as approved by the Council for Higher Education also includes forensic perspectives involved in criminal justice such as memory, eyewitness reports, facial identification, and psychoactive substances as well as discussions on ethical issues related to these fields.


The syllabus familiarizes with criminal processes and analyzes their characteristics and implementation. The focus is on the following areas: an exploration of policing models and strategies in the Western world, analysis of issues which shape policing policy, police force culture, public stances towards the criminal justice system, mass media and law enforcement, trends in Israeli policing, and the effectiveness of various policing approaches.

Courses also examine the principles guiding courts of law in Israel and worldwide, and compare various theoretical models of policing, imprisonment and rehabilitation in Israel and other Western countries. The trends and changes in the organizational, social and cultural levels in Israel’s incarceration and rehabilitation systems are also subjected to analysis.

The syllabus includes core courses such as theories of criminology, democracy, and criminal justice; theoretical and practical perspectives on law enforcement processes; comparisons between Israel and the Western world on all matters relating to criminal hearings, the police force and policing, claims and courts of law, and incarceration and rehabilitation systems.

Studies comprise theoretical and research courses and seminar papers as well as workshops providing practical training in course materials. Towards completion of their studies, students are required to submit a final project in which a specific area of criminal justice in Israel is explored based on a comprehensive theoretical framework. During 2nd Year, students must integrate into a criminal justice or rehabilitation framework as their practicum.

Points of interest

Personalized approach

Unique program

Focusing on criminal justice in Israel compared to the western world

Fieldwork (practicum)

Academic conferences

Institute for Research on Reintegration of Ex-offenders into Society

Israeli criminology

Forensic laboratory

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