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Curriculum Objectives

The curriculum provides students with clinical and therapeutic nutrition skills and knowledge suited to filling roles in the community. Studies cover research methods, public health, human health and the environment, a community approach to socio-economic and nutritional well-being, familiarization with nutrition services and the public, managing special needs and senior populations, and populations coping with poverty. These subjects allow professional integration in diverse fields where clinical and community intervention is needed in the sphere of nutrition.

The curriculum is geared to anyone wishing to work in the sphere of nutrition and diet in the health system, and to individuals already working in Israeli health systems who seek professional advancement with an academic education in their sphere of employment.


The syllabus combines introductory courses on natural, behavioral and social sciences with core courses and specialization in diverse fields in clinical and community nutrition. Courses on methodology allow students to gain practical, empirical experience in various fields of nutrition and health. Courses in health information and nutrition literacy promote independence in accessing materials, communication and social networks which promote integrating into community activities, leveraging sources of knowledge, and community counseling.

The syllabus is taught in three years, with an additional year of internship which students complete independently.

Points of interest

Personalized approach

Hands-on experience in the teaching kitchen

Workshops with researchers, health professionals and medical professionals

Senior lecturers and researchers

Personal attention and small classes

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