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B.A. in Economics & Logistics

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Head of School: Dr. Hanan Tal

Curriculum Objectives

The curriculum combines theory with practical applications, enabling graduates to integrate into the growing field of logistics management in diverse forms: acquisitions management, stock management and distribution management. The curriculum also promotes integration into supply chain management, an innovative field involving the links between a specific organization and other organizations in the marketplace.
Logistics management deals with planning, implementation and control of flow and storage processes for products, services and knowledge as a means of addressing consumer needs. Internationally, economic activities are based on increasing the implementation of logistics systems that create high added value by lowering costs while improving service. This means that a logistics system’s ability to respond suitably to demand is conditioned on activating advanced information and technological systems, and ensuring human resources are appropriately skilled.


The syllabus combines studies in economics with advanced logistics. Students gain practical logistics tools that enable integrating into the current job market. Students also gain an understanding of the world of economics: the capital market, public funding, micro, macro, financing, and more.

Points of interest

Personalized approach

First-year studies conducted jointly with three schools

First-year studies conducted jointly with three schools: management, banking, logistics

Preparation for career development and advanced studies

BA in Economics & Logistics

Survey of graduates

shows that about 90% of Faculty of Economics graduates are employed

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