Icon The University of Firenze visits AAC

The University of Firenze visits AAC

The University of Firenze visits AAC


Between the dates 10-15.2.2019, three representatives from the University of Florence, Italy, visited Ashkelon Academic College. The University of Florence is one of the oldest universities in Europe and has been operating since 1321. Two senior professors from the Faculty of Architecture and the manager of the Internationalization Department participated in the visit. The visit was very successful and resulted in cooperation between the two institutions.

Representatives of the Israel Antiquities Authority, researchers from other institutions in Israel, as well as students from the departments of Eretz Israel studies and tourism studies, participated in the work meetings and contributed new and creative ideas.

All the representatives agreed on a joint submission of a capacity-building project to the European Union, as well as promoting further cooperation in documentation and preservation in the city of Ashkelon and the Tel Ashkelon National Park.

In addition to the professional content and the busy work meetings, the guests went out and experienced our beautiful country, touring Jerusalem, Tel Aviv and Herodium. In addition, the members of the delegation went to various points in the Gaza envelope, enjoyed the “Red South” flower festival and stayed in Sderot and Ashkelon.

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