Icon Cooperation between the School of Tourism and the Salzburg University of Applied Sciences

Cooperation between the School of Tourism and the Salzburg University of Applied Sciences

Cooperation between the School of Tourism and the Salzburg University of Applied Sciences

The School of Tourism at Ashkelon Academic College engaged in an exchange with the Salzburg University of Applied Science through the Erasmus+ Staff Mobility project. This European Union sponsored exchange involves a number of components. On the 24-28.11.2019, the AAC’s School of Tourism hosted Professor Eva Brucker from the University of Applied Sciences in Salzburg. During her visit, she toured the historic Old City of Jerusalem with the first year’s students. In addition, Professor Brucker gave fascinating guest lectures to first, second-, and third-year tourism students at the college.

Here are some of reflections by AAC’s tourism students about Professor Brucker’s guest lecture, for many their first time taking part in an academic lecture in English:

Gavriel Davidian relates: “I admit that I had many concerns before the lectures because it was in my first year and the classes were in English. However, the lectures were very high-quality, and the lecturers were very communicative. I enjoyed it and learned a lot: I received a great basis on the issue of digital tourism, and I gained confidence in my ability to understand an English lecture and engage in basic dialogue. I hope we have more guest lecturers in the future. I am thankful for this initiative that brings lecturers from abroad to Ashkelon Academic College.”

Michal Gueta adds: “the class was in English but was partially translated by our lecturer. It helped us to understand the subject and made the learning experience more accessible to everyone. Personally, I appreciated the efforts of our staff. The learning experience was exceptional due to the professional and enjoyable way it was managed. We really enriched our knowledge. It was nice that Prof. Eva Brucker from Salzburg joined us on our field trip to Jerusalem. This gave us the opportunity to get to know her in an informal way. In sum, I believe that similar cooperation in the future will positively contribute to everyone.”  


In the photo – A field trip to Jerusalem with the first-year tourism students, accompanied by Dr. Amos Ron (standing in the front with a cap) and Prof. Eva Brucker (in the middle, with a pink scarf). Gavriel is the 2nd from the right, and Michal is the 5th from the left.

Later that year, a delegation of the faculty and administration at Ashkelon Academic College visited the Salzburg University of Applied Science to learn from their research, pedagogical and administrative approaches to the field of Tourism Studies.

Michal Ben Ishai, the Students’ Ombudsman at Ashkelon Academic College related the following about the visit at Salzburg University of Applied Sciences:

“I received the news about my appointment to the delegation to Salzburg with mixed feelings. On one hand, I was honored to represent my college abroad and was happy to have an opportunity to try something new and have new experiences. But on the other hand, I had doubts regarding my ability to communicate well in English.

However, the minute we got there, my concerns disappeared. We were granted a warm welcome, thanks to the close relationship of our head of International Relations Office, Dr. Yael Ram, and the local staff. We met many staff members, were exposed to different working methods and explored the special atmosphere on their campus. Also, we met the CEO of the university and took part in both the graduation ceremony and the end-of-the-year reception.

In my position as the Students’ ombudsmen, I support students with economic and personal difficulties. In Salzburg, I met with a colleague with the same position, and we shared good practices and advised one another. This meeting had a significant contribution to both parties. 

Internationalization is an integral part of our world. Erasmus+ has enabled us to exchange students and staff, and exposed institutes of higher education institutions to new opportunities. Now, when teaching is primarily conducted over online platforms, internationalization is even easier: we can teach cooperatively over Zoom platform, continuously enriching our knowledge, and strengthening our cooperation with institutions all over the world.”

In the photo, left to right: Teresa Rieger the head of International Office at Salzburg University of Applied Science with Michal Ben Ishai and Dr. Yael Ram, the head of the International Relations Office of Ashkelon Academic College.

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